EMI Technologies specializes in the engineering and fabrication of customized mobile shelters. For more than 30 years we have provided affordable solutions for Defense, Science, and Industry. 

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Experience/Specialty: Founded in 1985 as a mechanical and electrical engineering, consulting, and fabrication services company, EMI has completed over 800 custom built vehicles. The technical staff has serveral years combined experience in engineering design and fabrication of electronic instrumentation vans, shelters, trailers and other transportable systems.

Major Customers: DoD and other clients include White Sands Missile Range; Los Alamos National Lab; Northrop Grumman; Eglin AFB, Patrick AFB, Edwards AFB, Holloman AFB, and Hill AFB; China Lake NWC; Pt. Mugu NAWCWPNS; and Yuma Proving Grounds

Subcontract Performance: Successful subcontracts have been completed for Lockheed, Rockwell, Raytheon, Hughes, Contraves Goerz, MFG Parabam, L3, Jaycor, and Cubic Defense Systems.  



Other Specialty Vehicles: In addition to instrumentation vans, other specialty vehicles include chemical testing labs, medical and dormitory vans, nuclear hazard detection equipment shelters, fiber optic cable repair trailers, antenna and optical equipment transporters, high voltage transmission equipment test trailers and assay vans.


Facilities: 60,000 sq. ft. administrative and manufacturing facility, located in Las Cruces, NM.


QA: ISO 9001-2015 Certified Cert. # C2018-03089 


NAICS Codes: 541330, 541380, 336120, 336211, 333924, 421690


Dun and Bradstreet Number: 14-726-8825.